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Small steps create momentum for big change

We’ve been there and know how difficult it can be to create change in your life.

Our toolkit guides you through what you need to know for exercise, self-care, and the other 23 hours of the day.

The grasp essentials Toolkit

How to live the life you want healthy and pain free.

Daily Mobility Primers

Easy to complete holistic flows that focous on mobilizing your body. Set a tone for your day and develop a daily practice to increase your energy,  prevent injury, and reduce discomfort from sitting. 

Muscle Tissue Release

Self-myofascial improves blood flow, reduces tightness and increases mobility.  Learn how to take care of the most problematic areas and feel how releasing even the small muscles in your hand can impact your shoulders and neck.

Restorative Sequences

Specific and actionable sequences designed to help with recurring and persistant problems such as lower back pain, shoulder and neck discomfort.

Just the beginning...

Opportunities to progress your wellness exist outside of the gym during the other 23 hours of the day.  The toolkit will cover the lifestyle skills you need to know and will continue to grow as we add more solutions to your problems.  Expect more actionable exercise and wellness videos covering nutrition, sleep, weight loss, recovery and more!

This grasp essentials toolkit is for you if…

just getting started with wellness

don’t know where to start

have frequent tweaks and pains

have a job that keeps you sitting

have an underutlized gym membership

feel confused and out of place at the gym

have a list of unmet fitness goals

difficulty sticking to diet & health plans

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